Silchar-based NGO Dhaga, organised a free Medical and Health Camp.


Jubo Darpan Digital, Silchar, April 27, 2022: Silchar-based NGO DHAGA, organised a free Medical and Health Camp in Sadirkhal Village on Tuesday, with the help of Sadirkhal Satsang Kendra Mandir, Cachar, they’ve provided a venue for the noble cause.

The main mind behind the idea of organizing this health camp is Ms. Sansgmita Nath Mazarbhuiya – Director & Project Coordinator of DHAGA. The rural area Sadirkhal is located in the Cachar district of Assam, close enough to the Indo-Bangla border, an interior village with zero health centers or dispensaries for general purposes.

It has only one center where infants are given vaccination, no other health issues like normal fever, cough, or maternity issues can be addressed there. For minor health problems, the villagers travel a long way to Kalain Hospital.

Sadirkhal village was selected to conduct the health camp as there were no basic health facilities in the 20-30km radius. The health camp was completely supported by many Medical Representatives who provided general medicines prescribed by the team of doctors.

The team of doctors who reached the venue with team members of Dhaga is, Dr. Ankit Chakraborty, (Medical officer, MBBS, Patharkandi BPHC), Dr. Abhishek Paul, (MBBS, SMCH), Dr. Ratnam Deb Kanungo, (MBBS, SMCH) and Dr. Priyanka Dutta (Oral & Dental Surgeon, SMCH).

The team members of DHAGA who volunteered are, Sangsmita Nath Mazarbhuiya (Director and the project coordinator), Souptik Adhikari (Secretary), Pratanu Purkaystha (Treasurer), Sanjibita Nath Mazarbhuiya, Ronak Dam, Saurav Purkaystha and Pritam Roy as well.

When the team reached the venue around 11 am, villagers were already eagerly waiting for them, it took 20-30 minutes to set up everything and then they started calling up one by one, individual rooms were provided to the doctors for checkups and prescribing medicines to the individuals.

The prescribed medicines were provided by DHAGA members to the people free of cost and they also suggested the dosage according to the team of doctors. Before prescribing or suggesting, the members were fully trained, and also a counselling session was held regarding health awareness among the villagers.

More than 200 villagers came to the camp for checkups and medicine, and no one was deprived of individual attention. The estimated time for the camp was 11 am-3 pm, but it was extended till 5.30 pm. Some health issues like fungal infection in the skin and stomach, and eye problems were very common among the villagers.

One of the prime reasons for fungal infection is poor water facilities in the area. The objective of conducting the health camp was to create awareness of general health among the people, provide general health care services, and counselling them on basic healthcare and hygiene. The main objective was to make people aware of the health issues in the camp so that everyone could easily understand the concept.

The majority of the people who attended the camp were suffering because of polluted water and a lack of drainage facilities. People were diagnosed with various common but seriously neglected problems such as fungal infection acute flu and cataract in the eyes.

The members of DHAGA stated that – when they organize a health camp like this next time, specific health problems in the area will be taken care of, and will provide treatment and medication for the particular health issues in upcoming days soon.

The health camp was a huge success with an overwhelming response from the local people. DHAGA is extremely thankful to everyone who showed up with their support for the necessary social cause.


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